Welcome to NMBUI-badminton!

Regardless of your skill level, feel free to join us at practice 😊 We are mix of students, staff, and Ås locals that have a lot fun playing badminton. The training sessions are in Eika sportsenter (GG-hallen - 7 courts and Gymsalen - 1 courts), and we have shuttles and rackets to borrow in case you don't have your own. 

Our 1.5 hour sessions consist of a 10-15 mins warm-up followed by games in doubles (normally), where we mix all participants to have skill balanced pairs for a better game experience for all. Practice time (without playing for points) are also possible, as well as single games for whoever would like to increase the heart rate even higher! ;)

Unfortunately we don't have a certified coach at the moment within the group, so we welcome tips and feedback from each other to get our game better.

Our sessions are fun and you definitely get some exercise done! Come and join us!

Timetable for winter 2020/2021:

  *Tuesdays 1600-1700 (Gymsalen) + 1700-1800 (GG-hallen)   

  *Thursdays 2100- 2230 (GG-hallen) => this session may change to earlier time depending on the other teams scheduled in the afternoon, if they are not using the hall, we'll move our practice forward. Check updates in our FB group or directly with Estela.

For updated information or questions you can write a message to Estela (details below) or, if you have a FB account, be part of our FB group called as.badminton 

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Estela Reinoso Maset
Rolle: Lagleder
E-post: estela.reinoso.maset[@]
Telefon: 41636598

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