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Membership in NMBUI costs NOK 150,- per semester for students and non-stundents. The membership gives you access to join our sports within NMBUI. Become a member here!


Hall card

To join practices indoors at Eika Sportssenter you will need a seperate membership with SiÅs Sports. See SiÅs Sports for updated information and prices. 


The board of NMBUI consists of a working committee, and leaders for the individual subgroups. Contact information to these is given under "GROUPS" and "INFORMATION". 

Meetings will take place 10-13 times during the semester where the whole board is gathered. The daily operation and management of NMBUI is the board responsible for. 

General meeting

The Annual General Meeting (GF) is held every March. GF is the NMBUI's supreme organ. Here is the board chosen for the next year. They enter the office immediately after GF. The sub-groups elect their own board and representatives in the executive board. They usually join in the start of the semester so that they have one school year. 


NLHI was founded in 1902 as one of the first student organizations at NLH. With its 120 years, NLHI is also an old sports team. In 2002 NMBU celebrated its 100th anniversary and this was marked with a celebration and publication of a jubilee book. The NLHI changed its name to UMBI in 2005, when the school became a university. 

Georg Guttormsen, known as Geggen, is a major part of NMBUI's history. Read more about him here. 

In 2014  UMBI changed its name to NMBUI when the vetrinear school and UMB merged to NMBU. 

Contact information

E-mail adress:

Post adress: Postboks 1206, 1432 Ås