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GENERAL INFORMATION To use the climbing wall at Eika you must be a member of Eika or buy a day pass. If you wish to climb top rope/lead you must have a topptaukort/brattkort (climbingcard) and will also be required to sign a form confirming that you climb at your own risk. There is a bouldering section that requires no sort of certification and is available for everyone. If you lack certification to climb (Topptau/Brattkort), Eika offers courses/tests that will provide you with the necessary certification. The routes vary in difficulty and you do not need any experience to start. Bouldering and climbing is fun!
There is group-climbing session under supervision every Wednesday (18:00-21:00) with people that can belay you and/or help you to learn climbing. Also, all the material you will need to climb is freely available during these sessions. Feel free to join.

CLIMBING CLUB The club arranges events like competitions, trips, julebord (Christmas party), movie nights etc. To attend these events you have to be a member of NMBUI CLIMBING (NMBUI KLATRING). Membership costs 150kr per semester. If you sign up for “belay duty”, you may borrow our equipment free of charge.  

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